Monday, 8 October 2012

Kali & JKD classes 7/10/12

Hi all Sunday's classes we covered the following


4 & 6 count abbecedario
Heaven, standard & earth 6

Working from the basic 5 angles of attack we trained defanging the snake concept.

We then moved to middle range working from inside sweep & covering the cross following with 2 takedowns one finishing in a basic muscle lock.


We covered basic SDA & ABC focusing on the correct range for the strike.

Then we did one counter for the cross & one for the hook.

The more advanced students blended SDA, ABC & counters together.

Remember train safe, body mechanics & good pad feeding are vital.

Work the fine details, speed & power will come sure enough.

Stay safe. G

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Kali Class 6/10/12

Hi guys, We covered Double Stick Abbecedario 4 count with KOB - KOB principle & lateral triangle footwork, we then covered 3 count entry single stick with a switch to the left hand & back to the right, to which we added zoning concepts as 3 count entry is a running attack. we finished with Cambiatta or Cadena Real with 3 variables into a arm wrench & bizzet dalem. swing those sticks guys Be safe G

Classes 4/10/12

In the panantukan class we covered,

Step & slide footwork
Triple jab basic (+ cross)
1) jab
2) double jab
3) jab/cross
4) double jab/cross
5) jab/cross/hook

Lastly shoulder stop to

1) left headscoop to forearm strike & knee compression

In Jun Fan JKD

1) jab/cross counters 1-8
2) loi da to: lop sao, loi pak or jao sao routes.
3) lastly we interrupted the last cross & did s lop/lop trap back into boxing range.

Check you next time!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Classes 03/10/12

Hi all, In tonights classes we trained the following: Muay Thai Warm up - 3 mins skipping L&R 4 counts We then added to the 4 counts 1) Parry the Jab/Cross 2) Cover the right kick then looked at countering the jab - cross with 1) left cut kick - CHC 2) Bob & weave - HCH then moved on to the jab - hook 1) shield & kick to HCH 2) bob & weave to CHC we finished with a 8 count speed condition drill jab - cross - uppercut - uppercut - hook - cross - uppercut - overhand In the Kali class we did 1) 4 count abbecedario with lateral triangle 2) Umbrella 6 3) Full side side step 4) using the full side step we added angle 5 stab 5) then we drilled side step against angle 5 stab 6) we added a basic disarm focusing on the pivoting principle from the footwork training in 4&5 above. remeber lads get lots of reps in & make your notes!!! train hard G

Classes 02/10/12

Hi all, At last nights classes we covered the following In Drill Rounds lead cut kick - Jab/Cross - 2x Round kick Parry Jab/Cross - 2x Skip knees Uppercut - Hook - 2x Down Elbow In Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Jab - Cross - Hook - Cross to Nao Tek - Cross -Hook - Cross (L&R) Counter Jab/Cross 1) Shoulder Roll 2) Shoulder Roll & Nao Tek 3) Shoulder Roll & Gwa Choi Jab - Hook Counters 1) Cover & Hit 2) Tan Da 3) Bil Da 4) Jong Da Then we alternated & fed at random In Kali Heaven 6 with: Standing, Kneeling, Seated & Lying down sumbrada from angle 5 1) Abenico Witik 2) Circular Parry 3) Gunting Then added any disarm the guys had trained Finished with evade the angle 1 or 2 & return Backhand Redondo to Bulan Forehand Redondo to Adlau Stay tuned for more blog updates! Train safe, G

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Long overdue

Hi all, Sorry for the long overdue absent posts to the blog had some busy times family wise. well here we go I'll try and get everything in: On the 22nd Feb we had Guro David Onuma along to conduct our yearly anniversary seminar. Guro D taught all night covering BJJ & Jun Fan JKD trapping, he checked out everyones trapping & was very impressed. We had gradings in March and Kev & Jez did their Kali (MKG) Level 2 and were tested over three hours and did well. Kev also did his Panantukan (MKG) Level 2 privately and again performed very well over three hours worth of technique, boxing rounds & sensitivity drills. On the 22nd April we had the first warriors circle of 2012, where the participants have to complete the following: 1x 3 min round of Boxing 1x 3min round of Grappling 1x 3min round of Muay Thai 1x 3min round of Stick Fighting 1x 3min round of Knife Sparring 1 conditioning drill of your choice. Well done to Edd, Ryan, Kev, Colyn & our newest member to the HMA Warriors Circle Asher, who walked away with nice big lump on his hand from the stick sparring. Thats it for now folks but stay tuned for more updates. Cheers G

Friday, 6 January 2012

Panantukan class 5/1/12

From the jab;

Inward gunting stay inside
Inward gunting to trap & hammer (#2)

Same on the cross from split entry.

Then counter jab & cross with outside triple & added arm lever/elbow on cross turned to arm wrench from overhand.

Then added Lubai to;

Armbar 3 ways
Branch up
Branch down

Finish with Hubud & added the above.

Cheers G